Don’t Wind Up in the Clink-o this Cinco!

by admin | April 30th, 2012

Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday this year and we expect a lot of people will be out celebrating, which is why we’re hosting our ongoing Safe and Sober Cab Ride Home program to ensure everyone on the road stays safe and sound.

Don’t Let the Fiesta Become a Permanent Siesta
Our Safe and Sober Cab Ride Home program will be offered from 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 5, through 3 a.m. on Sunday, May 6. Due to the program’s popularity, a cap of $35 will be placed on each ride.

Call one of the following cab companies and tell them your ride home is on Berg Injury Lawyers:

  • Alameda, Oakland, Emeryville & Berkeley
    Call Veterans Cab at (800) 281-4488. Any fare exceeding $35 must be paid in cash.
  • San Francisco
    Call Luxor Cab at (415) 282-4141.
  • Sacramento
    Call Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento at (916) 444-2222. Patrons must be picked up at a participating restaurant, hotel, or bar within Downtown Sacramento to qualify for a free ride.

Remember, rides are for adults who have been drinking or who need a safe way home. Rides will be provided from a bar or restaurant to your home—not to other drinking locations. Due to the high number of requests on Cinco de Mayo, rides can’t be guaranteed for everyone who calls; however, every attempt will be made to accommodate all requests.

We hope everyone has a great time, but remember your cab ride home is on us. Please don’t take any chances driving home after the festivities!

Did You Know…

Since its inception, the Safe and Sober program has provided 7,426 safe rides home.

FDA Recalls Male Enhancement Supplement Over Health Risks

by Staff Blogger | April 24th, 2012

April 23, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall on an over-the-counter male enhancement supplement after testing discovered its unlabeled ingredients pose a threat to consumers. According to KRCR 7 News, the unlisted drugs include several prescription strength FDA-approved drugs, sildenafil and hydroxythiohomosildenafil, which are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Officials with the FDA stated that the product might cause some consumers who take prescription nitrates serious harm by lowering their blood pressure to dangerous levels.

The product’s manufacturer stated that getting the warning and information out about the recall is vital as men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease—who are generally more likely to take nitrates—are also more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction and use the product.

The manufacturer also may have to change some of its marketing techniques after the testing as well. The company’s website was promoting the products as “Totally Organic” with “Absolutely No Chemicals or Steroids”.

The product was being sold in stores across Nevada, California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Those who bought the product are being instructed to contact the manufacturer or the location where it was purchased to receive a full refund.

The California Product Liability Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers would suggest that anyone taking nitrates prescribed by a doctor should discuss the use of any herbal supplement bought over the counter with said doctor before consumption.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Offers Rider Safety Course

by Staff Blogger | April 16th, 2012

April 16, 2012

In a large city like San Francisco, California, the bicycle is the normal mode of transportation for thousands of residents every day, and protecting those riders on dangerous roads and highways can be a major concern. That’s why one group, known as the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, is working hard to educate bikers on the importance of safe riding practices, according to The Sacramento Bee.

The group began the campaign four years ago by offering cyclists hands-on training with certified instructors. During those rides, cyclists learn to maneuver busy city streets and other obstacles, such as slick trolley rails and open car doors. Riders are also required to take a classroom portion of the training program where they must pass an exam on the basic rules of the road.

The hope is that the classes can help reduce the number of fatal bicycle accidents in the city. In 2009, the city estimated that 531 people died as a result of collisions between vehicles and bicycles. That’s 67 more fatalities than the previous year.

Experts who polled both cyclists and motorists in a recent study say that the best way to reduce the number of accidents is for both groups to have a greater understanding of one another.

The California Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers would like to remind cyclists that wearing a helmet is an excellent way to prevent injuries while riding a bike.

Sacramento Has Highest Crash Rates In The State For Fifth Year

by Staff Blogger | April 9th, 2012

April 9, 2012

Since 2006, the California Office of Traffic Safety has conducted a survey to determine which major cities have the highest number of motor vehicle crashes. For the fifth time, Sacramento has been ranked as the city for drivers to most likely be involved in a crash.

According to The Sacramento Bee, the city beat out Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, and San Jose in composite rankings that looked at per capita injury and fatality crashes, alcohol-related crashes, and injuries involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

Sacramento also had one of the highest rankings of alcohol-related crashes out of all 13 cities examined, with 326 crashes in 2010 alone. Bicycle accidents and injuries among drivers 21 to 34 years old were also excessively high. Overall, 3,468 crashes were reported in Sacramento throughout 2010, which is a 23 percent drop from the number of accidents in 2006 when the numbers were first compiled.

Some say that the high number of crashes is associated with the high number of restaurants and bars that are in a centralized location in the city.

The California Car Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers ask that all motorists do what they can to keep California’s highways safe by always remembering to buckle up, slow down, and drive defensively. Following these simple tips will lower your chances of being involved in an accident and can increase your chances of survival if an accident does occur.

Zombies Overrun California’s Distracted Driving Campaign

by Staff Blogger | April 2nd, 2012

April 2, 2012

Zombies are on the loose on Northern California’s roads, and you might be one. The “zombies” are actually distracted drivers, and according to ABC 7 News, they’re being compared to zombies as part of California’s campaign for the 2nd Annual Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which started yesterday.

The ad campaign kicked off with commercials depicting those who use their phones behind the wheel as the lifeless and thoughtless creatures and will coincide with other educational programs on the topic throughout the month.

A study by Carnegie Mellon University that found a cellphone can reduce 35 percent of a person’s brain activity while driving was the inspiration for the public service announcements. A spokesman for the California Office of Traffic Safety, Chris Murphy, says that “the message is one-third of your brain is not there because you’re doing that on your phone while you’re driving, you really become a zombie. There’s inattention blindness that you don’t even know what you’re not seeing.”

In an effort to reduce the number of accidents in the state caused by these drivers, law enforcement will be on the lookout for any driver who’s not using a hands free device. Nearly 52,000 drivers were ticketed last year statewide in a similar month-long campaign.

The California Car Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers ask that motorists help keep California’s highways safe by putting their cellphones down while behind the wheel of their vehicles.

Woman Arrested After Being Caught Speeding Three Times In An Hour

by Staff Blogger | March 27th, 2012

March 26, 2012

Speeding is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel of a car. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration show that speeding is a factor in roughly one-third of all fatal motor vehicle crashes. Despite these numbers, drivers continue to risk their own lives, and the lives of other motorists around them, by engaging in this risky behavior.

In Hayward, California, a 53-year-old woman was arrested after being stopped three times within an hour for driving at excessive speeds. An article released by The Sacramento Bee said that the woman was originally stopped for speeding on Highway 70, just past the Sutter and Yuba County line, after being clocked driving 103 mph by a California Highway patrolman.

Minutes later, another patrolman clocked the woman driving 105 mph on the road. She was again pulled over and cited. She was pulled over for a third time within minutes of the second citation for driving 76 mph in a 55 mph zone.

After the third citation, the officer felt the woman’s blatant disregard for speed limits warranted an arrest. She was booked on charges of reckless driving.

The California Car Accident Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers say that speeding-related accidents killed more than 10,500 people last year alone. Help us reduce this number by always obeying the posted speed limit on roads when you are behind the wheel.

California Database Tracks Deadbeat Doctors

by Staff Blogger | January 23rd, 2012

January 23, 2012

The state of California has created a database of information that has offered residents a way to monitor which doctors in the state have been reprimanded for crimes or malpractice. The database was created in order to make information about doctors who do not properly care for patients public knowledge so that others are not hurt by their mistakes.

The database can be accessed by anyone via the Medical Board of California website and can show users information regarding a doctors educational history, license information, and public records of any complaints or charges filed against the individual doctor.

Doctors are searchable by name and license number and type. If you are having trouble finding your doctor in the system, it could be good or a bad. Doctors who have not ever been disciplined are not listed in the system; however, the database in only current through 2010, so if action has been taken against the doctor in recent years, it will not be listed either.

A quick search of the city of Alameda, California, turned up the names of nine doctors who had been disciplined as far back as eighteen years ago, and as recently as two. Several were for notices to surrender a license, while another showed information regarding a $2,000,000 medical malpractice lawsuit.

The California medical malpractice attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers would encourage all California residents to check their doctor’s names against the system to ensure the person you get your medical advice from has not made a costly, and sometimes fatal, mistake in the past.

Several Tips To Keep Motorists Safe During High Speed Pursuits

by Staff Blogger | January 16th, 2012

January 16, 2012

High-speed vehicle pursuits down the highway gets our adrenaline pumping in the movies. But what if you found yourself to be the helpless bystander of a real car chase during your daily commute? This happens almost on a daily basis across California, and observations have shown that most motorists don’t know what to do.

An article in The Sacramento Bee described a chase that occurred several weeks ago along California’s Highway 99. News footage shows that as the chase progresses, the cars around the chase acted as if nothing was happening. They stayed at the same speed and made no efforts to get out of the way.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) says that one reason this occurs is that drivers don’t scan their mirrors often enough. They suggest that motorists check all of their mirrors every 15-20 seconds.

If you find yourself in the middle of a high-speed pursuit, CHP Trooper Mike Bradley stated that you should not slow down, but turn on your right blinker and work your way over to the shoulder of the highway. If you see a crime scene ahead, pull over and stop well behind officer vehicles.

The California auto accident attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers fight for victims who have been injured in accidents and support community safety campaigns throughout the year in order to prevent accidents. If you are the victim of a car accident, contact an experienced attorney today.

San Jose Students Receive 2,500 Free Bicycle Helmets and Safety Lessons

by Staff Blogger | January 9th, 2012

January 9, 2012

From the moment a child first peddles their bike down the driveway for the first time, it is vital to begin teaching them the importance of wearing a helmet and following safety rules. Unfortunately, not all children are taught these lessons early on. That is why, according to CBS-San Francisco News, the San Jose Department of Transportation and the Franklin-McKinley school district have partnered in a new campaign.

The pair has joined forces to give away approximately 2,500 bicycle helmets to children within the school district. A spokesman for the groups and associate transportation specialist with the City of San Jose, Devin Gianchandani, said the helmets were made possible by a $55,000 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety.  He added that the children would receive a helmet along with, “Pedestrian-bicycle safety education through the city’s nationally recognized street smart program.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that every year, approximately 1,000 die in bicycle-related accidents. Of those accident victims, 62 percent suffered from a traumatic head injury. The agency states that the most effective way to prevent such injuries is to wear a helmet.

The California brain injury attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers understand that traumatic brain injuries can have a full spectrum of effects on a victim. Founding Attorney William Berg recently discussed how and why diagnosing brain injuries can be difficult and what steps to take in a recent news interview.

Alameda Law Firm Offers Free Cab Rides Home on New Years Eve

by Staff Blogger | December 27th, 2011

December 26, 2011

In recent years, the holidays have become an increasingly dangerous time of year for driving in California. According to The Los Angeles Times, six people died on California highways over this past holiday weekend, and the California Highway Patrol made 889 suspected drunken driving arrests.

The California drunk driving victim attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers are sponsoring a campaign in order to help combat the growing number of drunk drivers during the holidays. The firm will be offering free cab rides home to those who have been drinking on New Years Eve.

This will be the seventh year that the law firm has sponsored the Safe And Sober Cab Ride program, which offers a maximum $35 cab fair home to anyone needing a ride. The rides are provided only to a person’s residence, not to another drinking location. The cabs will be running from 10:00 PM Saturday, December 31 to 4:00 AM Sunday, January 1.

Call one of the following cab companies and tell them your ride home is on Berg Injury Lawyers:

  • Sacramento — Call Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento at (916) 444-2222. Patrons must be picked up at a restaurant, hotel, or bar within downtown Sacramento to qualify for a free ride.
  • Alameda, Oakland & Berkeley — Call Veterans Cab at (800) 281‐4488. Any fare exceeding $35 must be paid in cash.
  • San Francisco — Call Luxor Cab at (415) 282‐4141.