Who Should You Talk to if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

by Staff Blogger | October 9th, 2017

When loved ones develop long-term health problems that they aren’t capable of handling on their own, nursing homes can help bring their families peace of mind. Whether a loved one’s health and independence is compromised due to age or illness, the process of finding a quality nursing home facility can be a difficult transition for everyone involved. Choosing a nursing home for a loved one can be made easier simply by knowing that they will be in a place with around-the-clock care and personalized attention. However, not all nursing homes meet the standards people expect. In fact, some are understaffed, under-budgeted, or staffed by untrained workers who neglect and even abuse residents. If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, it’s important to talk to the following people:
  • Your loved one – Ask your loved one what happened and get as much information as possible, including when the abuse occurred and whether it has happened before.
  • Nursing home management – Ask to speak with a manager or supervisor at the nursing home right away. Make sure they are aware of any potentially dangerous conditions, staff behaviors, or oversights.
  • A California nursing home abuse lawyer – All California nursing home residents have rights granted by the state, and our legal team wants to help protect your loved one’s rights.
Finding out that your loved one was abused or neglected while living in a nursing home is devastating, but we’re here to help. Call Berg Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.