Army Did Not Properly Treat Soldier Who Died Of Rabies

by Staff Blogger | September 19th, 2011

September 19, 2011
Experts and family members are saying the Army made mistakes in the Rabies treatment of a now deceased Army veteran from Livermore, California. According to the Contra Costa Times, the Army only administered half of the soldier’s treatments due to issues with expired vaccinations.
The soldier told his family members he was bitten by a stray dog in January while breaking up a dog fight in Afghanistan. After the bite, he shot the malicious stray and the Army had the animal tested for Rabies. The test came back negative, but the Army was unsure if the correct animal had been tested. The soldier was seen by medics on base who administered the first three rounds of the vaccination, but did not give the last three shots because by then, they had expired.
An associate professor at the UC Davis School of Medicine who is an expert on Rabies says the doctors should have administered the drugs, despite their expiration date, as it still may have save the man’s life.
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