Expert Testimony At The Center of Toyota Defective Accelerator Controversy

by Staff Blogger | November 4th, 2013

November 4, 2013 Automotive manufacturers in the United States have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the cars and trucks they release to the market. The California Defective Product Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers point out that any failure to do so can result in costly civil litigation being filed against the responsible parties. Controversy is continuing to swirl around defective product claims being made against the Toyota Motor Corp. According to an article from Automotive News, owners are alleging the vehicles suddenly accelerate out of control and cannot be stopped. They go one to claim the malfunction has resulted in serious accidents. While a jury in southern California dismissed the claims earlier this month, a victim was awarded a settlement from Toyota in a case filed in Oklahoma. In that case, an expert witness testified there could be a problem in the computer systems installed on certain Toyota vehicles that can result in the fatal failures. More cases are scheduled to be heard in the class action cases and both sides contend the evidence from the expert’s testimony can be used in their favor; however, a judge has already placed limits on what the expert can testify about in future cases. Berg Injury Lawyers and their team of California Personal Injury Lawyers recognize how difficult reaching a decision in a faulty product case can be. That is why the firm suggests speaking with an attorney if you are considering filing such a claim.