Working to Combat Drunk Driving this New Year’s Eve

by Staff Blogger | December 28th, 2015

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and many residents of the Bay Area are beginning to make their plans for celebrating the holiday. While these events are a joyous occasion a majority of the time, a drunk driving accident too often spoils the fun. Data indicates that each year, an average of 140 Americans lose their lives as the result of a traffic accident that occurs on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Approximately 40 percent of these fatalities are drunk driving victims. The California car accident lawyers at Berg Injury Lawyers point out that one way law enforcement in our state is working to combat drunk driving around the holidays is by utilizing sobriety checkpoints. These operations stop motorists in order to ensure they are not driving while intoxicated and are in compliance with all traffic laws. Sobriety checkpoints have been a success too. An article from The Fresno Bee reports that in 2014, sobriety checkpoints were responsible for the arrests of 442 motorists who were suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We can each do our part to combat drunk driving in California by never getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Instead, utilize a designated driver to get home safely. If you find yourself out on New Year’s Eve after having too much to drink and with no way to get home, don’t forget to use our Safe and Sober program. The campaign offers a free cab ride home for residents of the Bay Area on New Year’s Eve. We hope you have safe travels throughout the remainder of 2015 and into the New Year!