Nursing Home Abuse

California Nursing Home Found In Violation of Patient Health and Safety Standards

by Staff Blogger | October 29th, 2013

October 28, 2013

Data from the National Center on Elder Abuse shows an estimated 30 percent of nursing home residents are the victims of abuse or neglect each year. However, the number could be significantly higher due to the number of cases that go unreported. The California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers with Berg Injury Lawyers explain one Castro Valley, California, facility was recently shutdown due to allegations of abuse being committed at the facility.

An article published by U-T San Diego explains an investigation into the facility was launched after inspectors discovered a patient had escaped the facility twice. Also, medical staff had failed to keep proper patient records, which led to medications not being properly dispensed to patients.

The facility’s doors were closed; however, a total of 14 patients were left to fend for themselves at the site after the doors were shuttered. Paramedics were called to the scene last week after being contacted by a handful of staff members who had stayed to care for the patients despite not being paid.

Investigators say the acts of neglect could lead to charges being filed against the owners and operators of the facility.

Berg Injury Lawyer’s team of California Personal Injury Lawyers recognizes how difficult recovering from injuries caused by abuse and neglect can be and are here to help anyone who is the victim of nursing home abuse.

Superior Court Finds Assisted Living Facility At Fault For Patient’s Death

by Staff Blogger | March 11th, 2013

March 11, 2013

One of the largest assisted living facility companies in the nation, Emeritus Corp, is responsible for the wrongful death and Nursing Home Abuse of an 82-year-old woman who died under the company’s care. According to the Insurance Journal, the court must now decide how much to award the plaintiffs in damages.

The victim was admitted to the facility after she received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Within months though, she had to be checked into a local hospital due to her deteriorating health. It was there that several bedsores developed on the woman’s body. The victim died several weeks later, from what the coroner determined to be complications from the bedsores.

The woman’s family soon filed the lawsuit against the facility, claiming its policies regarding training and staffing were the direct cause of the woman’s death. The suit alleged the hospital often left patients unattended to for extended periods of time due to staffing shortages. Also, the staff members that were on-hand were often under-trained for the situations they were put in. The suit went on to claim the nursing facilities policies were only made to cut costs.

The California Personal Injury Attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers can acknowledge the frustration that accompanies the loss of a loved one due to another person’s negligence. That is why the firm is hopeful the decision in the case will bring a sense of closure to the tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.

California Bills Could Improve The State’s Elderly Care

by Staff Blogger | September 10th, 2012

September 10, 2012

California legislation awaiting the governor’s approval could have a direct impact in northern California on the type of care seniors living in a nursing home or long-term care facility can receive. According to the Napa Valley Register, a decision on the legislation must be reached by September 30.

Lawmakers have worked for nearly two years to complete AB40, which would not only bring state elder abuse laws up to par with the federal Elder Justice Act, but would also improve and require the communication between a person who suspects elder abuse to be occurring and law enforcement.

AB 999 would benefit those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by preventing insurance companies from being allowed to hike rates in certain circumstances, while AB 1710 would help to protect residents of care facilities from California nursing home abuse by requiring more training for administrators and establishing a better check and balance system for patient care.

The laws come at a time when local officials are working to improve elderly care in the area, as a recent Census Bureau report showed 15 percent of Napa County’s population is over the age of 65 and the number is continuing to grow.

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Three arrested in California nursing home abuse case

by bil | February 26th, 2009

February 26, 2009

The Los Angeles Times reports that three former managers at a nursing home were arrested in the deaths of three residents and face California nursing home abuse charges.

The State attorney general’s office reported in a criminal complaint that more than 20 residents at a skilled nursing facility were drugged for “staff convenience”. Many of the patients experienced side effects as a result of the drugs.

The three staffers are charged with elder abuse, along with assault with a deadly weapon in this California nursing home abuse and neglect case.

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