Discovery of California Boat Accident Wreckage Sheds Light on San Francisco Bay’s History

by Staff Blogger | April 28th, 2014

Remembering history and learning from the mistakes of the past is one of the best ways the attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers have found to prevent accidents. This is why the discovery of wreckage from a historic California boat accident is so important. An article from Reuters explains that in August of 1888 in the San Francisco Bay, the 202-foot passenger liner, named the City of Chester, collided with another liner, called the Oceanic, carrying Chinese immigrants. As a result of the collision, the City of Chester sank, claiming a total of 16 lives. The wreckage was lost for more than 100 years, until a group of researchers scanning the floor of the bay for an upcoming Regatta noticed some peculiarities in an area they were searching. Further research confirmed the mass at the bottom of the bay to be the City of Chester. The finding is so important because it highlights new evidence that shows the wreckage may have been caused by the City of Chester’s Captain, rather than the Oceanic’s. The discovery also touches on a darker piece of history, in which the Chinese ship was named responsible for the crash because of the anti-immigrant sentiments that were popular in the area at the time. The California personal injury attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers are hopeful the discovery of the wreckage can lead to further investigations that could shed light on the area’s maritime history.