San Francisco Files Suit Against Insurance Companies

by Staff Blogger | May 31st, 2011

May 30, 2011

Patients requiring emergency services at the hospital are not the only ones having to fight tooth-and-nail with insurance companies to get what they need and deserve. CBS-San Francisco reported last Wednesday that the city of San Francisco has filed lawsuit against three prominent insurance companies. City Attorney, Dennis Herrera claims the three companies- Blue Cross of California, Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company, and Health Net- underpaid San Francisco General Hospital on emergency care reimbursements.

Herrera insists that the insurer’s shortchange will cost San Francisco taxpayer’s millions of dollars considering the fact that the emergency department at the hospital receives more than 50,000 visits per year. He was quoted as saying, “These defendants are putting on the backs of taxpayer’s the obligation to make up the shortfalls,” The city is seeking an injunction from the court that will force the companies to pay more for each claim, while also seeking civil penalties of $2500 for each infraction of underpaid claims.

Anthem Blue Cross responded by saying the claims have no merit and that they will “vigorously” defend their billing process and procedure.

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