Safety Tips to Avoid a Bay Area Car Accident During Inclement Weather

by Staff Blogger | December 1st, 2014

The seasons are beginning to change once again in Northern California, which means unpredictable weather is making its way to the area. This can create dangers in many facets of our lives, especially when we’re on the road. ABC 7 News reports that a fast-moving storm came through the region yesterday, bringing with it high winds and rain that toppled trees and made commutes difficult. The weather was so intense that several warnings were issued to motorists in the area. The National Weather Service issued statements saying heavy rains and winds had caused traffic delays across San Francisco. One neighborhood was without power after a tree limb fell on a set of power lines. On the other side of town, a Bay Area car accident was to blame for traffic backups along Highways 92 and 580. These reports leave many citizens wondering what they can do to stay safe during inclement weather. The California personal injury attorneys with Berg Injury Lawyers suggest:
  • Stay off the Road- Remain at home if at all possible during bad weather.
  • Be Prepared- If you must travel during inclement weather, take a look at the traffic and road closings along your route prior to venturing out.
  • Buckle Up- Wearing a seatbelt can significantly reduce your chances of injury or death if you’re involved in an accident.
  • Slow Down- Take as much time as is necessary to safely navigate your way to your destination.
We hope these tips help you have safe travels this season!