Car Accident Claims: You Get One Chance to Get it Right

by Cary Graham | March 20th, 2017

When starting something new, you may hear the advice to “fake it until you make it.” From a career standpoint, that’s pretty good advice, as demonstrating confidence in the workplace can be just as important as demonstrating competence. After all, most careers allow for trial and error. In other words, you can make mistakes, learn from them, and apply them to future opportunities. However, that definitely does not apply to personal injury claims.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you get one chance, and one chance only, to get your injury claim right. The insurance company representing the person who caused your injuries should be responsible for all expenses related to your accident. Their main motivation is minimizing your claim by paying out as little as possible for your injuries, and they’ve become really good at doing just that. All they have to do is convince you that their settlement offer is as good as it gets, and once you sign, they’re off the hook for any future expenses.

More medical bills? Not their problem.
Lost wages? You’re on your own.
Compensation for pain and suffering? Forget about it.

So how do you maximize your injury claim the first time? Call an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney for starters. At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’ve been helping injured folks in the Bay Area for more than 30 years. We know how to determine what your case is truly worth and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve. Don’t take a chance with your family’s future by going it alone. Contact us today.

The One Danger You Can’t Avoid

by Cary Graham | March 13th, 2017

There’s nothing like an afternoon ride on a sunny day. Motorcycle enthusiasts understand that better than anyone. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a weekend warrior, it’s hard to match the freedom you feel when shifting from second to third and really letting the engine out. There are always dangers associated with getting out on the road, but you’re a seasoned rider and can weather anything thrown your way except for one—a careless driver.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’ve seen the damage a careless driver can do out on the road. That damage is compounded significantly when a motorcycle is involved. Even the safest rider can’t avoid every negligent driver in San Francisco, and if you’ve been hit by one of these drivers, getting the compensation you deserve can be difficult on your own. Even if you are up for a battle with the insurance company, they have the advantage. They’ve processed thousands of motorcycle accident cases. They know how to minimize your claim and make you feel good about it.

Don’t fall for it.

Call our experienced San Francisco motorcycle accident attorneys today for a free, no obligation consultation. We know how to determine what your case is truly worth, and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Berg Injury Lawyers today.

Getting the SSD Benefits You Need to Survive

by Cary Graham | March 6th, 2017

There are certain benefits the government provides that should never be taken away. One of those benefits is Social Security Disability (SSD). The program provides lifesaving benefits for those who can no longer provide for themselves due to a disability. Without SSD benefits, many of these folks would fall through the cracks of poverty with no way of pulling themselves out again.

That’s why the Social Security Disability attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers take their job seriously. For many disabled Californians, we are their last hope of securing the disability benefits they desperately need to survive. Just how challenging is it? More than two-thirds of all initial applications are denied benefits. Although there are a host of reasons why, one contributing factor is that many applicants don’t know the process well enough to submit an adequate application. So they get denied.

If that’s happened to you, give our experienced San Francisco Social Security Disability attorneys a call today for a free consultation. We’re ready to review your case for free. If we feel like we can help, we’ll fight to get you maximum benefits in the least amount of time. Your future depends on securing SSD benefits. Contact us today.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself After an Accident

by Cary Graham | February 27th, 2017

“Do I have a case?” is the question we get most often. That’s why folks in San Francisco call an attorney in the first place—to find out if their injuries warrant an injury claim. In your initial consultation, the personal injury attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers will listen closely to your story, as well as ask a number of questions to determine whether or not you have a case. However, there are 3 questions you can ask yourself before your consultation to determine whether or not you may have a personal injury case.

Was the accident someone else’s fault? If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have a claim against that individual and/or their insurance company. However, if the accident was your fault, there’s probably not a lot we can do to help.

Did you sustain injuries? It sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying. An injury claim requires injuries. If you were simply inconvenienced and not injured, you may not have a viable personal injury case.

Have you undergone or do you expect to need medical treatment? The largest part of most personal injury claims are medical expenses. If you did not or don’t expect to have any medical treatment costs associated with your accident, you may not have a claim.

However, if you answered yes to the questions above, call our San Francisco personal injury attorneys immediately for your free consultation. Chances are you have a strong personal injury case, and we’d be honored to represent you. As your law firm, we’ll work to get you compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Contact us today for your no cost, no obligation consultation.

San Francisco’s New Bait and Switch Scam

by Cary Graham | February 20th, 2017

Ever ordered something online and when it arrived, it turned out to be completely different than advertised? I think we all have. That can be pretty frustrating, as well as costly. When it happens, it’s completely within your rights to demand a full refund. After all, the vendor failed to live up to their end of the bargain. But what if instead of issuing a refund, the vendor demanded more money? Sounds ridiculous, but that’s exactly what many California life insurance policyholders are facing right now.

It’s called life insurance company fraud. You purchase a life insurance policy for an agreed-upon premium payment every month. You pay those premiums without fail like the ideal policyholder. Then one day you receive a notice in the mail that your premiums are going up for the exact same policy. What’s worse, if you don’t pay the inflated premiums, you could lose the key benefits of the policy. Sound like a bait and switch? That’s because it is.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we’ve been following this type of fraud for more than a year and are ready to stand up for victims in San Francisco. If you’ve received notice that your life insurance premiums are skyrocketing, give us a call today for a free consultation. We’ll review your case at no cost or obligation, and advise you on how to proceed. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you and your family. Call us today.

This Is Why We Advertise

by Cary Graham | February 13th, 2017

Berg Injury Lawyers is considered by many to be a pioneer in the lawyer advertising industry. We were among the first firms in the country to advertise on television and other mediums, reaching thousands more people than traditional marketing efforts. Why do we advertise? Because there are people in the San Francisco area who are in trouble and wouldn’t otherwise know that there’s a respected law firm ready to help.

Think of it this way. If you knew that there was unstable ground ahead and you saw someone walking toward it, you’d stop them and tell them about it, right? That’s exactly why we advertise. If you’ve been in a serious accident, you can expect unstable ground ahead. An experienced car accident attorney knows what to look out for and how to avoid the pitfalls. If you decide to go it alone, you could be putting yourself and your family at real financial risk.

Don’t do it.

If you’ve been injured, call the experienced San Francisco car accident attorneys at Berg Injury Lawyers. We have the experience and expertise to determine what your case is truly worth, and we’ll do everything within our power to make sure you get every dollar. You only get one chance to get your injury claim right. Contact us today.

Nursing Home Abuse: Looks Can Be Deceiving

by Cary Graham | February 6th, 2017

Placing your aging loved one into a nursing home and assisted living facility isn’t how you envisioned the final chapter of their lives beginning. If it were possible to take care of them 24/7 on your own, you would probably like to do so. However, that’s not always the reality.

The next best thing is a finding a nursing home that will care for your loved one as you would, while upholding their dignity in the process. You did all the research, visited all the different facilities your loved one could afford, and selected the one you felt was a good match. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving from the outside.

Every year, thousands of nursing home abuse claims are filed across the United States on behalf of victims. However, for every victim who receives justice, there are many who suffer in silence. Whether it’s due to intimidation from nursing home staff or an inability to recognize the harm that is being done to them, they tell no one what they’re going through.

That’s why it’s vitally important that you do not ignore any indicators that your loved one is being abused or neglected, such as:

  • bed sores,
  • broken bones,
  • poor nutrition,
  • unexplained injuries,
  • over-sedation,
  • and weight changes.

If you suspect your aging loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, call our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll protect your loved one’s rights as we fight to get them the compensation they deserve. Don’t wait to get them the legal help they need. Call us today.

San Francisco Businesses Responsible for Your Safety

by Cary Graham | January 30th, 2017

As you can probably tell by the product liability cases we’ve won in the past, we take consumer’s rights very seriously at Berg Injury Lawyers. We believe if you spend your hard-earned money on a product, you shouldn’t have to fear that your life is in danger when using it. But your rights as a consumer go far beyond the products you buy. Every business you visit in the Bay Area has a responsibility to your safety. When that responsibility isn’t upheld, the result can be tragic.

Premises liability cases, or slip and fall cases, involve injuries sustained on someone else’s property due to hazardous conditions or a negligent act. For example, if you are in a business in San Francisco and a poorly constructed structure collapses, causing you physical harm, you may have a premises liability claim against the business. However, proving such a claim can be difficult. As your San Francisco premises liability attorneys, we must prove:

  • The condition of the property was dangerous.
  • The owner knew, or should have known, about the property’s condition.
  • The owner had a reasonable amount of time to fix the condition of the property.

If you or someone you love suffered physical injuries on someone else’s property, getting the compensation you deserve on your own can be tough, which is why you should seek experienced legal help immediately. Call our premises liability attorneys today for a free consultation. We’ll do everything within our power to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

Accident Victims: Outnumbered from the Start

by Cary Graham | January 23rd, 2017

Did you know that if you’ve been injured in a car accident by someone else’s negligence, someone else already has an attorney looking out for their best interests? It’s true. Most insurance companies provide an attorney to represent their clients in a car accident injury claim. What does that mean for you? It means you are outnumbered from the start. Without a legal team of your own fighting for your best interests, you could find yourself in real financial trouble.

That’s why it’s important that you, at the very least, consult with an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney after your crash. Your accident could end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. The at-fault driver’s insurance company should pay all of that expense, but they won’t give in and do the right thing without a fight. Think you can take on a multi-billion dollar insurance company on your own?

Think again.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t try to take on the insurance company alone. Call our experienced car accident attorneys today for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll review your case at no cost and tell you how you can maximize your injury claim. Don’t risk everything by going it alone. Call us today.

Get Justice For Your Lost Loved One

by Cary Graham | January 16th, 2017

There’s an old adage that goes something like this: “Treat loved ones as if it were the last time you will ever speak to them.” It’s good advice that’s hard to follow. In reality, there’s far too much left unsaid between us when one of us goes, especially when that someone’s life is cut tragically short. Often, unexpected deaths are the result of a negligent or deliberate act by someone else, compounding the grief felt by the surviving family while leaving them with a number of questions.

At Berg Injury Lawyers, we help grieving families find the answers they so rightfully deserve. Our team of investigators will work tirelessly to uncover the true cause of your loved one’s death and bring that cause into the light. Then our experienced San Francisco wrongful death attorneys will fight to get you the justice you and your loved one deserve. You’ve lost more than a family member; you’ve lost a partner and contributor to your family’s future. For that, your family deserves to be compensated, and as your attorney, we’ll do everything within our power to make sure you are.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, call our San Francisco wrongful death attorneys today for a free consultation. Your initial call is without cost or obligation, so you and your family can get the answers you deserve with absolutely no risk. You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact us today.